Tia Maxson

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Friends, neighbors, acquaintances lend me your ears:

Most parents do not look forward to becoming empty nesters, but I dread the thought of living alone. I am a single mother of two young adult children who currently still live at home, but will not always. As an additional trial, I became deaf in my left year 17 years ago, and became hard of hearing in my right ear three years ago. Thankfully, I have been accepted as a recipient of a Hearing Dog from from NEADS National Education for Assistance Dog Services, also known as Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans. While having a service dog partner would not take the place of my absent family, they can be my ears.

My helper will be able to alleviate much frustration for me and those I encounter in my daily life. When I am being called from another room, my Service Dog will lead me to the person. I will not have to depend on others to wake me. If an emergency vehicle is within hearing range I will be alerted to this by my Service Dog touching the back of my car seat, allowing me to pull over sooner than my hearing ability allows. Should someone knock at the door, I will not miss the encounter with any visitor who is unable to find our uniquely located doorbell.

At this time, the total cost of a Service Dog is approximately $42,000. As the prospective companion, I am asked to fundraise a minimum of $8,000.00.  Therefore, tax-deductible donations of any amount will be received with my genuine excitement and deepest gratitude.  Every little bit brings me closer to being partnered with my Hearing Dog helper.  

So no, you are not able to literally lend me your ears and my children will not always be there to lend me theirs.  With all my heart, I ask that you please thoughtfully consider the next best thing, making a donation to help me meet my fundraising goal.


Tia Maxson