Nancy McGrath

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My mother, Nancy, has alway been hard of hearing (doctors attributed it to a severe case of scarlet fever as a child).  As teenagers, my siblings and I were often impatient with this loss and instead of repeating ourselves when she asked us to, we would say “Ma, get some hearing aids!”.  Eventually, she took our advice and purchased hearing aids (something that her health insurance does not cover), and found these to be extremely helpful.  In the last five years, however, her hearing has declined, to a point where even the hearing aids are not helping to ease her hearing deficit.

Now that us teenagers have grown to adults, and have children of our own, we realize just how important the help, guidance, and support of both our mother and father is for our entire family.  As a result, we have become more sympathetic of her condition.

After hearing about the NEADS program and the benefit that a service dog would have for her, we have encouraged her to pursue this as the next step in her journey.  A service dog would be a huge asset not only for daily activities, but would also accompany her to the workplace in hospitals and the nursing home where she is a nurse liaison helping patients get the care they need. Our mom is looking forward to continuing an active and productive life. Your financial gift to help train and pair her with the right service dog will be much appreciated!