Mia Littlehale

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I'm Mia and I have Autism. I am 9 years old and in 3rd grade. I am very smart and friendly. I really love Taylor Swift and her music, of course. I'm like her biggest fan ever. I know the words to all of her songs and I will sing them to my new dog! I'm also really good at math, literacy, and facts, and I like watching game shows like Jeopardy, the  Price is Right , and wheel of Fortune. I'm hoping my dog likes to snuggle and watch with me. 

Because of my Autism, I have a lot of extra worries, I have trouble staying calm, and I have a hard time with friendships. I am very hopeful about being matched with a dog who can help me with these things and mostly can be my friend. 

I love to play school with my pretend friends. I always fit in with them and they always like me. I have a hard time at real school because it's hard for me to fit in with the other kids. I really really want to, but it is hard for me. I have trouble reading others body language and I sometimes have trouble staying calm and controlling myself, but I have really great vocabulary and I'm very kind (and fun too)! I hope my dog will be my best friend and that he likes playing school with me.     Mia

-It is very very expensive to train these special dogs. Mia is pretty excited about fundraising a portion of the cost for her dog. If you can help her, she would really appreciate it. Please consider donating in Mia's name. Thank you.