Kelley Kennedy

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Hello!  My name is Kelley Kennedy and I truly love my job!  There are many reasons why but the most important ones are between 7-8 years old.  You see, I am a special education teacher at the Wheelock Elementary School in Medfield, MA and I work in a partial inclusion classroom which currently supports six students who have a wide range of special skills and needs.  They come into my classroom for a portion of their day to receive one on one or small group instruction in reading, writing, or math.  Here in the Learning Center, we work hard together and we also earn well deserved breaks. 

My students may have differing abilities and needs, yet they all have one thing in common; perseverance.  My students have to overcome many challenges both in their personal lives and during their school day.  I absolutely believe that a NEADS Service Dog for therapy will assist my students in helping to manage the anxiety and frustration they feel when life becomes difficult.  A Service Dog will also help to teach my students responsibility as they will be assisting with the dog’s general care needs as well.

Although our dog will be based in my classroom, it will also be available to all of the other students and faculty within the Wheelock School.  We plan to have scheduled times that the dog is available in the breakroom so that the students can come down to visit him.  We will invite any student who is interested in helping with the grooming and exercising of the dog to assist us with those responsibilities.  And, of course, if a student or teacher is feeling a little anxious or upset then we are sure that our NEADS Service Dog for therapy will help to put a smile back on their face.

Won’t you please consider making a donation to help us reach our goal of obtaining a classroom therapy dog?  The NEADS program requires us to raise at least $8000 to help defray the cost of caring for and training these special dogs which can run up to $42,000.  We will appreciate any gift that you can make and you can be confident that your donation will truly be helping students in need.  Also be assured that any donation that you make directly to the NEADS program is not only tax deductible; but 100% of the proceeds goes directly into the NEADS program which works so hard to train these wonderful animals.  Thank you so much for your consideration!!