Karin Peterson

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Thank you for reading.

I have my Masters in Clinical Social Work.  I have served on Chicago’s West Side (suburbs) and also here in MA through public and alternative schools, not-for-profits, and foster and adoption agencies for over 20 years.  My students have survived and triumphed over abuse, neglect, trauma, death, a variety of losses, depression, anxiety and several other mental illnesses.

My work has always been to connect, or reconnect, my clients to their strengths, capabilities, hopes and dreams.  I am seeking a NEADS Service Dog for therapy to help me with this pursuit.  There is much research that supports the calming effect that a friendly, familiar, and highly skilled dog gives to a human.

Currently, I work in a not-for-profit to provide counseling to middle and high school students in their schools.  Please join me in my effort to help heal and strengthen our children through the assistance of a therapy dog.

Thanks and gratitude,

Karin Peterson, LiCSW