Chris Slavin & Earle

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My life has changed so much since Earle has partnered with me.  Always an active person, I thought I was very connected to the world.  I had no idea that my world would get so large and that Earle would be the catalyst to that.  Since Earle has come into my life I have begun working in Dementia Care, where he is changing the lives of our residents with dementia in very profound ways. I have traveled back to Ireland for the first time since my accident. Earle has been the opener for many conversations and friendships.  Where people once saw my wheelchair and a barrier to interaction, they now see a beautiful, amazing and loyal dog.  We have brought our message of integration and accessibility into schools, community organizations, and to the general public; we have been asked to return to Ireland next spring and continue to educate in schools.  We are recognized throughout our community and I proudly put on his vest and share the story of NEADS.  Earle has expanded my opportunities, my independence, my life and my heart.  NEADS and its supporters have given me a gift that is finer than anything I imagined.  It cannot be described.