Brennan Speak & Leah

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Hi, my name is Brennan and I am 12 years old.  I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and anxiety about 6 years ago. I am a very sweet and sensitive boy. I like to make people happy. I enjoy playing video games because they help me to stop worrying about things and move on from bad times. I like being with my family. I enjoy swimming, too.

I have a really hard time being around a lot of people and I get anxious when there is a lot of noise. I have a hard time making friends because I get really nervous around people I don't know and some kids have a hard time understanding my issues. Sometimes kids make fun of me and it makes me sad. Sometimes concentrating is really hard and it makes me feel stressed. When I get really anxious or nervous I pick at my skin.

I have to see a lot of doctors because  I have (or had) cataracts. I feel nervous because of the eye drops and the machines they use. I also have to go see a psychiatrist once a month. I get really nervous having to talk to people other than my family.

I feel like having a dog will help me with my anxiety and fear of being around other people. He will help me be more confident and comfortable. I feel like my dog will be my best friend and make me feel happy and appreciated. He will love me!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Brennan and Leah had an amazing first Christmas together!! She has brought such joy and comfort to Brennan's life. I am amazed every day. Things that Brennan used to dread are not so terrifying anymore because Leah is there to help him! What a blessing.