Audrey Kirkpatrick

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Let me just start by saying - thank you for your time. I have had hearing issues for several years but I still like to walk, garden, swim, and lead an active life.  A NEADS Service Dog for hearing would help me do that. 

Having a Service Dog would allow me to continue living my life in the way that I enjoy.  There are times when I am unable, or unwilling, to participate in activities because of my hearing loss.  For instance, I like taking walks but I don’t always do so because when people come up behind me I can’t always hear them and that can be frightening. 

A Service Dog would also help me with my daily routine at home and at work.  The dog would be trained to alert me to sounds like my phone ringing, the doorbell, customers calling my name, and even fire alarms. 

It costs NEADS more than $42,000 to raise and train each Service Dog.  I am being asked to contribute a minimum of $8,000 towards that cost.  Please consider making a donation in my name so that I can be matched with the perfect Service Dog teammate.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!