Andrea Howe

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Since I first heard of the NEADS program I knew it was an organization that I wanted to become more involved with. Working in a correctional setting, I get to watch the dogs trained by inmates every day. I see how fulfilling the program is for them, and how it helps inmates cope with anxiety/depression as the dogs are therapeutic to them on a daily basis. Our Mental Health Department decided that we wanted to get more involved, and get a therapy dog for our department to help with mental health treatment. Many of our clients have difficulty opening up and engaging in therapy, having a therapy dog present helps them to feel more comfortable and more trusting.

When the dogs are present the response by our staff and clients is overwhelming and positive. They can make anyone smile even when they are having a bad day. The dogs are able to interact with clients both in therapy sessions and group programming, they are able to pet them and you see a positive response by everyone present. The NEADS program and fundraising is important for both our facility as well as the community. We really appreciate any contributions you are able to make to NEADS. All of these dogs make a huge difference in people's lives every day and we know that an addition of a therapy dog to our Mental Health Team will make a difference. Thank you.