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Please read before applying:

An average NEADS dog costs over $42,000. We ask our clients to fundraise a minimum of $8,000, but please don't let this deter you from applying! NEADS will assist you by providing fundraising information and guidance. Get fundraising help!

NOTE: NEADS does not train balance dogs, seizure alert dogs, guide dogs for the blind, diabetes alert dogs, emotional support, or psychiatric dogs. NEADS does not train dogs that are already owned by individuals.

Apply for an Service Dog

Service Dog

For people with physical disabilities

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Service Dog for Veteran

For veterans with physical disabilities 


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Hearing Dog

For people who are deaf or have hearing loss

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Social Dog

For children with autism

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Service Dog for Classroom, Therapy, Ministry, Hospital and Courthouse Facility Dog


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Adopt a Dog as a Pet

Our flunkouts (or Furloughed Favorites, as we prefer to call them) make great pets! Some dogs don't quite have what it takes to be a service dog, but you'll get a dog who is loyal and loving.